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The advantage of aluminum stage truss customization is to break the rules


The advantage of aluminum stage truss customization is to break the rules

People often talk about breaking the rules and being innovative, as if this topic has nothing to do with aluminum stage truss. In most people's eyes, aluminum stage truss is square, even folding truss and butterfly truss are the same: square and square.

In real life, you will find many aluminum stage trusses are not so regular and have various odd shapes. So, what are these odd shaped "shelves" built with. If the truss manufacturer tells you that these are also built with truss, will you be surprised.

Aluminum stage truss is a kind of practical exhibition equipment because of the "customization" feature of aluminum stage truss, in addition to its own construction advantages. The so-called "customization" means that it can be modified and made appropriately under reasonable conditions. For example, in Hefei Decoration Metal Products, custom-made joist usually refers to the style, size and appearance.

As aluminum stage truss manufacturers usually say, round tube truss and square tube truss are truss products made in bulk by truss manufacturers under cost control, with both practical characteristics of trusses, and then sold to the public in a unified manner. In other words, the truss manufacturer is willing to make all kinds of truss products for the customers as long as they pay more money!

In this sense, customization is the reason why joist is really accepted by the public, and practicality is only the expression of this characteristic. That's why people can use galvanized trusses to build various kinds of shelves to meet their needs.

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