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It's all about what is considered to be


It's all about what is considered to be a skillcape. Similar concerns arise regarding whether gold medalists in ParaOlympics are treated with more respect over Olympic gold medalists. ParaOlympics competitors RS gold had to overcome physical disabilities in order to be awarded the medal. To minimize the importance of the person who earned the gold medal wouldn't be fair because he was also faced with the task of overcoming other physically fit competitors in order to win that medal.

I'd like to know what others think of this issue. I feel that pf2ps who are awarded the skillcape (OMG YOU'VE GOT ASKILLCAPE), are treated like gods, while those who are awarded the buy OSRS gold same skillcape receive a pat on the heads ("Oh you've got a skillscape, how cute. I wonder what the next skillcape is?